Suplest’s new mountain bike shoes come with an integrated search and rescue tracker

Recco technology will help rescue teams locate you

Suplest Trail Pro hero image with bronze and black background

Suplest has announced the Trail Series, a new collection of clipless mountain bike shoes designed to cover different types of trail riding, from all-mountain to electric mountain biking.


After three years without a new trail shoe release, Suplest’s latest range consists of three models: the Trail Pro, Trail Performance and Trail Sport.

Suplest says it has tested the new mountain bike shoes on its local trails in Bergdorf, Switzerland, and that they feature a number of cycling-shoe firsts, including a search and rescue tracker.

The three shoes fill in the gap between Suplest’s cross-country shoe range and flat-pedal mountain bike shoes, with an outsole that offers traction when pushing your bike and cleat channels for use with clipless pedals.

All three shoes feature the same outsole and are built around the same last, which Suplest says meets the requirements of cycling and walking, but they differ when it comes to material choice and how they close.

Pricing ranges from £129 / $159 / AU$240 / €129 to £185 / $229 / AU$345 / €199.

Suplest says the shoes will be launched on 11 March 2022.

Two cycling-shoe firsts

Swiss alps with two mountain bikers in the foreground
You don’t always want to be lost in the mountains.

According to Suplest, the Pro and Performance shoes, which are the top two models in its new range of trail shoes, feature two cycling-shoe firsts: the use of SuperFabric and the inclusion of a search and rescue tracker.

SuperFabric is a material said to have been tested by NASA. Suplest says it is the first cycling brand to use this fabric and claims it helps makes the shoe “extremely durable” as well as lightweight and comfortable.

Suplest says the inclusion of a Recco reflector, usually found on mountaineering equipment, on the Trail Pro and Trail Performance is also a first for a pair of mountain bike shoes. Recco technology isn’t totally new to the world of mountain biking; it has been used on POC’s Tectal Race SPIN NFC and Kortal Race MIPS helmets.

Recco is a technology used by rescue teams to locate people. It works by a rescue team sending out a radar signal from a Recco detector, which is then echoed back by the Recco reflector, enabling the team to locate you. The reflector doesn’t require power or for you to activate it. Recco says this technology enables rescue teams to search one square kilometre in six minutes.

The more affordable Trail Sport doesn’t have a Recco tracker and instead of using SuperFabric it has a microfibre upper with mesh panels.

SUPtraction outsole

Sole on Suplest Trail Pro shoe
The three shoes have the same SUPtraction sole.

All three shoes feature the same outsole made by SUPtraction, a fellow Swiss company which makes rubber outsoles for brands such as Ion and Vaude.

The sole is said to offer traction when you’re walking your bike and a high heel to offer protection.

Inside the sole is an EVA core said to add damping when you’re pedalling, while increasing a “positive foot feeling”.

Suplest says the cleat channel allows you to place the cleat for a “versatile riding style”.

Suplest Trail Series range and pricing

Suplest Trail Pro

Suplest Trail Pro product shot
The Suplest Trail Pro is the top shoe in the range.

The Suplest Trail Pro sits at the top of the new trail collection. The shoe is aimed at the more progressive end of the trail market, with Suplest describing it as suitable for enduro and all-mountain riding, as well as capable of taking on an “alpine crossing”.

The upper of the Trail Pro has a knit cuff said to help keep mud and small rocks from entering the shoe.

Suplest Trail Pro double closure system
The Trail Pro has laces and a cover that fastens with a Boa dial.

Suplest says the shoe has a double-closure system. There are laces to get the initial fit, and a layer that covers the laces and closes with a Boa dial. This will presumably keep the laces from getting caught up with any bike cranks should they come undone, and minimise water ingress.

The Trail Pro features Solestar insoles. Suplest says these insoles have a patented “stabilization-delta”, which brings your foot into an optimal position for stability for greater comfort and control.

The Trail Pro is available in black only.

  • Price: £185 / $229 / AU$345 / €199

Suplest Trail Performance

Suplest Trail Performance product shot
The Trail Performance is Suplest’s mid-tier trail shoe.

The Trail Performance is described by Suplest as an “all-rounder”. It has the same upper fabric, outsole, insole and Recco reflector as the Trail Pro, but differs when it comes to how it closes.

Instead of having a dual system with laces and a Boa ratchet, the Trail Performance just has a Boa dial with a lace that zig-zags up the shoe with asymmetrical eye stays.

The Trail Performance also forgoes the knit cuff found on the Trail Pro.

The shoe is available in black or black and blue.

  • Price: £160 / $199 / AU$300 / €169

Suplest Trail Sport

Suplest Trail Sport shoe product shot
The Suplest Trail Sport has a microfibre upper with mesh panels.

The Trail Sport is the most affordable shoe in Suplest’s new Trail Series range.

While it’s built around the same last and has the same outsole as the Trail Pro and Trail Performance, there are a number of differences that reduce its price point.

Firstly, the shoe uses a microfibre fabric in the upper rather than the SuperFabric found in the other two shoes. Secondly, it closes with laces and a Velcro strap rather than a Boa dial.

The Trail Sport is available in black or black and blue.

  • Price: £129 / $159 / AU$240 / €129