Surly goes big with the new Pugsley

Iconic fat bike gets redesigned

Surly has redesigned the Pugsley fat bike, increasing tire clearance and making it more capable for bikepacking expeditions.


Surly Pugsley highlights

  • 4130 steel frame
  • Braze-ons galore on frame and fork for cargo, bottles and fenders
  • Available in XS, S, M, L, XL sizes
  • Rohloff-compatible
  • Complete bikes retail for $1,899, $599 for the framset  (UK and Australian pricing TBC)
  • Available now

Historic fat bike

The Pugsley was the first production fat bike
The Pugsley was the first production fat bike

The Surly Pugsley was the gateway to fat biking for many riders. When the world’s first production fat bike made its debut in 2004, its 26×3.8in Endomorph tires were considered monstrous. Now, they’re on the narrow end of the fat-bike tire spectrum.

The Pugsley has remained much the same machine since its introduction. In the meantime, Surly has introduced an entire family of fat bikes with names, such as the Moonlander, Ice Cream Truck, Wednesday and Big Fat Dummy.

To keep this venerable fatty relevant, Surly has remade it with off-road touring in mind.

More of a good thing

Surly lengthened the Pugsley's chainstays to improve pannier clearance
Surly lengthened the Pugsley’s chainstays to improve pannier clearance

The new Pugsley features all the braze-ons for fenders and racks you could ever ask. The rear end is still asymmetrical but uses a 142x12mm axle spacing that can be converted to 135mm quick-release, if you desire. This fat bike now has a dedicated Rohloff Torque Arm slot as well.

Like the original Pugsley, the fork still features a straight, 1.125in steerer and 135mm quick-release spacing with 17.5mm of side offset. The idea behind this extra width and offset is that it allows riders to run a rear hub with a freehub as the front hub.This is an insurance policy in case the rear derailleur is mangled, or the freehub fails — just swap the front wheel for the rear and continue on your way.

In keeping with the touring trend, the chainstays are 12mm longer than the previous version. The increased length improves heel clearance when riding with panniers and adds more stability.

As Surly fans would expect, the Pugsley is still constructed from 4130 steel tubing. It’s available in sizes XS through XL.


The complete Pugsley is available now and retails for $1,899. Framesets will be available by the end February and will retail for $599. (UK and Australian pricing and availability are yet to be announced.)