Survey reveals Plymouth as UK’s most cycle-friendly city

Research commissioned to mark Virgin Money Cyclone festival

The research was commissioned in support of the Virgin Money Cyclone Festival of Cycling, which takes place in Newcastle between 28 June and 1 July

Plymouth is the UK’s most cycle-friendly town, according to research by Virgin Money.


Norwich, Bristol, St Helens, Huddersfield and Glasgow also fared well in the survey, which was commissioned as part of the company’s sponsorship of next month’s Virgin Money Cyclone Festival of Cycling in Newcastle. It rated towns and cities on a range of criteria including bike thefts, accidents, serious injuries and deaths, the availability of cycle routes and bike repair shops.

Plymouth scored well for low number of thefts, as well as a low number of accidents and cyclists killed or seriously injured, while it ranked in the middle for the number of specialist cycle shops and 15th for cycle routes around the city.

Cambridge, despite its reputation as a cycling city, only just made the top 60, hampered by high incidence of cycle theft, serious injuries and a mid-ranking for bike shops and for cycle routes.

The City of London and Greater London also made the top 60, rated 50th and 56th respectively, with the high number of thefts, accidents and deaths the main reason for their ranking.

Virgin Money Cyclone organizer Peter Harrison said: “Everyone will have their own idea of what makes a town or city cycle friendly and the Virgin Money Cyclone research is an attempt to find which towns and cities are more cycle friendly than others and what the issues are. For those taking part in this year’s Virgin Money Cyclone I urge them to have a great time but equally importantly to be safe”.


The top 60

1 Plymouth
2 Norwich
3 Bristol
4 St Helens
5 Huddersfield
5 Glasgow
7 Dudley
8 Ipswich
8 Cardiff
10 Walsall
11 Solihull
12 Lincoln
13 Bath
14 Darlington
15 Durham
16 Kingston-upon-Thames
16 Reading
16 Blackburn
16 Barnsley
20 Middlesbrough
21 Newcastle-upon-Tyne
21 Stoke-upon-Trent
21 Luton
24 Telford
25 Edinburgh
26 Sunderland
27 Southampton
27 Wolverhampton
27 Bradford
30 Blackpool
30 Belfast
32 Portsmouth
33 Southend
34 Salford
34 Sheffield
34 Coventry
37 Brighton
38 Liverpool
38 Swindon
38 Leeds
41 York
42 Warrington
43 Poole
44 Wigan
45 Bournemouth
46 Leicester
46 Bedford
48 Birmingham
49 Manchester
50 City of London
51 Bolton
52 Nottingham
52 Hartlepool
54 Derby
55 Doncaster
56 Greater London
57 Swansea
58 Gloucester
59 Peterborough
60 Cambridge