Sustrans want “reckless cycling speed demons” off shared bike paths

Charity call on Strava to highlight “inappropriate racing”

Sustrans want people to use shared use bike paths with respect with regards to speed

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An antisocial minority of racing cyclists are making other users of traffic-free UK bike paths feel unsafe, according to Sustrans chief executive Malcolm Shepherd. He warned that pedestrian and bicycle paths must be kept as safe and accessible environments for all users. He said “reckless cycling speed demons” need to reduce speed or use the road instead.

Shepherd said: “Traffic-free walking and cycling paths are not the place for reckless cycling speed demons; they cater to a variety of users by providing a safe, non-threatening environment to travel in.

“The antisocial behaviour of a very small number of cyclists is making everyone feel less safe – it would be great for the online community to take action by pointing the finger at people doing the wrong thing.”

Cycling charity Sustrans, who have helped create miles of traffic-free routes all over the UK, also urged online ride mapping sites such as Strava to highlight where inappropriate racing is taking place.

The CTC have echoed Sustrans’ call for more considerate path use. Roger Geffen, campaigns and policy director at the charity, said: “Walkers can feel as intimidated by fast cycling on shared use paths as cyclists are by fast driving. In particular, people with physical or sensory disabilities have a right to enjoy the great outdoors without being startled, even if they aren’t actually endangered.”

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Sustrans have highlighted a code of conduct for cyclists on shared use paths.