Swiss Side Hadron 485 and 800+ wheels – just in

Swiss brand's budget aero wheels with claimed Zipp-beating credentials

Swiss Side’s new Hadron 485 and 800+ aero wheels have just launched, complementing the brand’s existing Hadron 625 wheelset.


We’ve already looked a little more in-depth at what the Hadron wheels offer on paper, but this is our first up-close look at the new depths in the range. Like the 625 wheels, both the new Hadron options use wide alloy rims with carbon fairings over the top to improve aerodynamics.

To summarise, the 800+ is an 80mm deep aero wheelset that costs €1,192 (about £850 / US$1,322 / AU$1,680); the Hadron 485 is 485mm deep set that comes in at €1,158 (about £825 / US$1,285 / AU$1,630).

That puts both sets at less than 50 percent the price of equivalent depth Zipp Firecrest models – the industry leading wheels that Swiss Side’s Hadron 625 beat in an open wind tunnel test. You can mix and match front and rear wheels and there’s also a ceramic bearing upgrade for €60.

With rim tape, the Hadron 485 wheels weigh in at 1,708g (762g front, 946g rear) – a little more than the 732g / 907g claimed weights (probably without rim tape). The 800+ at 1,886g (842g front, 1,044g rear), again, that’s more than the 840g / 1,000g claim.


All the aero wizardry of the 485 and 800+ offers a 25-mile TT advantage of 1:51 and 2:05 respectively (at 180 watts and 35km/h). Still with us? Good – on to the pics in the gallery above!