Swobo ink deal with UK distributors

Bristol-based Shiner to offer clothing, bikes

Swobo devotee and poster child Joe Parkin under the orange tent at the 2009 Sea Otter Classic.

California-based Swobo have new UK distributors for their clothing and bikes, Bristol-based Shiner Distribution.


For the first time in over 10 years, Swobo will have both bicycles and apparel in UK stores, and products should be on shelves by the end of this month.

“The timing moved quickly, and actually couldn’t have been better,” Shiner’s managing director Chris Allen said. “We got everything in order by the 2009 Cycle Show in London, and the response was overwhelming.”

Shiner opened in 1936, and made their name in the Seventies as distributors of skateboards and BMX bikes. Swobo are co-owned by Santa Cruz Bicycles owner Rob Roskopp, a former professional skateboarder. His business partner Richard Novak owns Santa Cruz skateboards. Swobo is also located in the town.

“We’ve been nursing a fair amount of bottled up demand from the UK over the last several years, and it’s nice to have an established partner who sees the future of cycling as we do,” said Swobo founder and president Tim Parr.

“So much is changing right now in bicycles that it’s going to take some creative energy to get the type of distribution Swobo is looking for. The time is right now, and Shiner fit the bill perfectly. They totally understand the lifestyle vision that Swobo has been driving for the last 17 years.”

According to Swobo bikes designer Sky Yaeger, there was a big demand from the UK. “We are shipping the Baxter, Sanchez, Del Norte and Crosby to the UK right now,” she told BikeRadar.


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