Sydney launches ‘art of gracious cycling’ campaign

Promotion urges cyclists to be gracious and obey road rules

The City of Sydney wants to promote the art of gracious cycling

Step aside, City of London with your Handle like Eggs cycle safety message – there’s another animation in town to wind up regular riders.  


In a bid to create bonhomie between the city’s road users, the City of Sydney authority has launched a campaign to ‘learn the art of gracious cycling’.

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City of Sydney have launched a ‘gracious cycling’ video

We were tickled by the video, which starts out: “Whether you ride daily or just on weekends for fitness, as transport or just for fun, ask yourself, do you ride graciously?”

It continues: “Do you ride with consideration, an even temper and good cheer?” before urging riders to signal their good intentions to drivers and remind cyclists that red lights apply to them too.

We couldn’t help be reminded by the City of London’s effort to promote safety with its Handle like Eggs video.

The Sydney video is supplemented with a series of frilly posters urging cyclists of every tribe – from once-in-a-while commuters to dedicated roadies – to ring their bells and give way to pedestrians on busy paths.

We can just imagine the earthier roadies up the coast in Brisbane who boast about their sex lives on the morning club ride pointing and sniggering at their southerly neighbours.


What do you think? Patronising drivel or well-judged safety video?