Tacx’ new Neo Bike Smart brings the outdoors indoors

Feel cobbles, descents, the wind in your face — everything but the rain!

Tacx’s NeoBike is just about the least compromising trainer we’ve seen. It incorporates interactive fans, simulated front and rear gear-shifts and even braking. For those on a tighter budget, the updated Flux 2 trainer has an improved flywheel and increased resistance.


For those for whom a smart trainer just isn’t enough, Tacx has released the NeoBike, a smart bike. Accurate to 1 percent, with built-in interactive fans, it can be adjusted extensively to mimic the body position on your own bike and is aimed at road cyclists and triathletes.

Tacx has also worked to ensure users get as authentic an experience as possible, so the bike will simulate road surfaces such as cobblestones when riding over virtual cobblestones. The descent mode makes riders feel like they’re riding downhill, and there’s virtual shifting and braking, too.

There are plenty more features, but another one worth mentioning is the fact you can choose your gearing, such as opting to ride a compact crankset.

Don’t want to fork out a huge amount of cash? Check out the Flux 2 smart trainer.


More powerful than its predecessor, the Flux 2 has new flywheels for a more realistic feeling and is now able to simulate a slope gradient of up to 15 precent. It’ll also fit mountain bikes.

Tacx NeoBike and Flux 2 — an immersive smart bike and updated smart trainer