Tannus Airless Tires claims flat-free riding without the drawbacks

Airless tires claim similar weight and ride feel to pneumatic tires

Flat tires suck. You know it, I know it. Puncture-free, non-pneumatic tires have been around a while, but the trade-offs are hard to live with. However, Tannus Airless Tires claims its new Slick tire nullifies the downfalls by offering low weight, less rolling resistance and a comparable ride feel to its air-filled counterparts.


Tannus tire features

  • Nine sizes available
  • 12 colors available
  • Works with standard rims
  • 700c weights starting at 370g
  • £49.99–£59.99 / $60–$80 / AU$68–AU$99 each, depending on size
A 700 x 23mm road tire has a claimed weight of 370g

High-tech foam

If there’s no air inside, there’s no way for the tire to puncture. Tannus’s airless tires are made from micro closed-cell polymer foam material called Aither 1.1, which uses technology from the soles of athletic shoes.

The company claims it’s the result of 10 years and a million dollars’ worth of research and development. 

According to Tannus, the Aither foam material has better elasticity for lower rolling resistance, improved grip, and an enhanced road feel that the company compares to an air-filled city bike tire.

Additionally, Tannus reports that the tire material is resistant to staining, so its colored tires are easy to clean and remain bright.

Durability and low wear are also claimed to be benefits of the material. Tannus backs this assertion with a guarantee of only 1.5mm of tire wear after riding 9,000km / 5,592m. 

Commuting and training 

Nine sizes from 12.5in to 700c in various widths are available

Riding to work and around town, as well as racking up training miles, seem to be the main disciplines for airless, puncture-proof tires. After all, one of the biggest bike-commuting benefits is low-stress transportation, and a flat tire can derail that in no time.

But it’s not just aimed at commuters, with Tannus reporting that the Ukraine National track team has been riding and training on its airless tires off of the track. Tannus states that six months of testing was done by two Ukrainian pro cyclists to ensure the airless tires performed at a level suitable for the national team.

Tannus tire installation

While Tannus does claim its tires can be used on standard rims, the install is a bit different to a normal beaded tire. 

According to Tannus, its tires can be used on standard rims

According to Tannus, the tires require a bit of stretching first, then pins are inserted into the holes of the tire. From there, using the included tool, each pin is slipped under the rim bead. 

Because the pins have to seat under the rim hooks, Tannus tires are not compatible with hookless rims. 

Wheel and tire combo

Tannus is offering a Mavic Aksium wheelset with its 25mm new slick tires, and the wheel and tire set retails at £315 / $440 / AU$570. 


For more info and to order check out Tannus Airless Tire’s site