Ride with Team Alpecin at the 2020 Etape du Tour

Get the pro experience, season-long support and ride the world’s biggest sportive

Team Alpecin

Fancy riding the 2020 Etape du Tour with Team Alpecin? It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get the pro experience and the very same help and support from expert coaches, while riding a stage of the Tour de France.

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Still need convincing? Here’s everything you need to know about Team Alpecin – or follow this link to follow the exploits of the 2019 squad.

Otherwise, head to the Alpecin Cycling website to submit your application.

Who’s Team Alpecin?

Team Alpecin
Team Alpecin takes new members each year.
Henning Angerer

Team Alpecin is an amateur team with access to the same equipment and coaching as the pros. It showcases the progress cyclists can make with a structured training plan, expert coaching and the best equipment.

Nick Mayer was part of the 2019 team and attended a team training camp, worked with a dedicated coach, had an indoor trainer plan and learned the benefits of using a power meter – he’s seen an increase of 40 watts in his power in just a few months.

Whether you’re a ‘seasoned’ or ‘weathered’ cyclist who wants to see how the pros do things, or a budding racer looking for the perfect career launchpad, this prize is unmissable.

What’s on offer?

Michael Rammel and prizes
There’s a huge prize up for grabs.
Henning Angerer

As a member of Team Alpecin, you’ll receive individual tailored training, a professional bike fit, training camps and cycling workshops, as well as free entry to several sportives and an unforgettable race weekend at one of the world’s biggest cycling events.

If that’s not enough, you’ll also become the proud owner of a high-end Canyon road bike (exact model TBC), as well as all the race kit, shoes, accessories and equipment you could possibly need. 

Team Alpecin riding together
You’ll gain a team and friends for life.
Henning Angerer

Plus, you’ll get to meet some amazing people. “Teammates have become friends for life,” Nick says of his experience, “and all while having awesome photographers capture these priceless memories.”

Another 2019 team rider, Marie-Louise Kertzman, says she’s gained a lot from her time on the team this year: “endurance, knowledge, confidence, friends and technical skills – all greater than I could possibly have imagined this time one year ago.”

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