Team Sky given power meters by Shimano and Stages

Which meters will the team use this year?

At the Tour Down Under Team Sky’s use of Stages power meters came as a surprise, after Shimano announced the team would be using the new Dura-Ace R9110-P meters this year. It turns out, both Shimano and Stages are supplying the team with power meters for 2018.


In December, Shimano told BikeRadar that six teams would be using its Dura-Ace R9100-P power meters in 2018, and explicitly mentioned Team Sky.

Late last month Shimano told BikeRadar it would be providing power meters to to Team Sky
Colin Levitch / Immediate Media

Then, in mid-January, Stages announced it would be providing power meters to the team.

“Stages will continue their support of Team Sky, who has ridden the Stages Power LR meter to their last two Tour de France victories,” a press release from Stages read.

A spokesperson from Stages also said neither company is the exclusive provider of power meters to the team. Both companies are partners and are providing power meters. The Stages release also stated it would be left to the team and riders as to which units they choose.

At Shimano, Ben Hillsdon agreed with Stages. “Nothing has changed recently,” Hillsdon said in an email to BikeRadar. “As the Stages release says, neither company is the exclusive provider of power meters to the team. We supply to the team on a non-exclusive basis.”

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We’ve had a close look at the bikes that Team Sky will be racing in Adelaide and all seven bikes had Stages non-drive crank based power meters fitted. When asked, the team mechanic said he wasn’t sure which power meters Team Sky would be riding for the 2018 season.