Team Sky sticks with Stages power meters for 2015

One-legged power proves good enough for Team Sky one year on

Team Sky and Stages Cycling are to partner again in 2015. Stages will remain the British-based pro-team’s official power meter supplier.


Stages Cycling’s senior vice president, Pat Warner, said: “We see year two with Team Sky as impactful to our brand as the first – possibly even more so. If they took a chance on Stages Cycling in 2014, then signing up for a second year is validation that we’re meeting their needs fully and that they want to use the Stages Power meter.”

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Last year was the first real test for Stages power meters in the pro peloton. It saw the product taking on its first Grand Tour, Classics and World Championship events.

Team Sky head of technical operations, Carsten Jeppesen, said: “We took a chance on Stages Cycling in 2014. We proved their product meets our needs and they offered us really great support. Even in the worst conditions this year, the Stages meter was reliable, consistent and accurate. We couldn’t ask for more as we head into the 2015 season.”

Such a ringing endorsement of the Stages units could help quell dissent surrounding the accuracy of single-legged power meters – such as Stages, Rotor LT and Garmin Vector S – which typically double the wattage from one leg to give a total.

Team Sky head of athlete performance, Tim Kerrison, added: “We are excited to continue our relationship with Stages for a second year. Stages has proven to be a great partner, with a great power meter that meets the needs of cyclists at all levels – from the amateur enthusiast who wishes to use power data to better inform and refine their training, to catering for the demands at the highest level of professional road cycling.”

Stages marketing manager, Matt Pacocha, concluded: “Team Sky’s successful use of our meter in 2014 should make riders rethink what power meter features are important to training with power.


“There are plenty of armchair engineers out there, but we’re at a point where the viability of the Stages Power design isn’t in question. We have a year’s worth ProTour of data and four world championship titles in a variety of disciplines that answer the question: does Stages Power work? Of course the answer is unequivocally: yes.”