Ted King’s maple syrup gel gets crowdfunded

UnTapped gets crowdfunding for natural maple syrup gels

Ted King’s UpTapped maple syrup gel is being crowdfunded

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Ted King, a professional cyclist with Cannondale Pro cycling has never been shy about his love for Maple Syrup. Born and bred on the east coast of the United States, King has collaborated with Slope Side Syrup to produce portable maple syrup.

Following a 34-day Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, UnTapped has raised more that US$35,000 to front the cost for production minimums required to fill portable gel-packs with sterile maple syrup.

The individually packaged gels are made from 100 percent natural Vermont maple syrup, which according to the Indiegogo page is packed with vital minerals such an potassium, manganese, iron, calcium, and zinc; essential vitamins; a variety of critical amino acids; and antioxidants that help with proper recovery.

This is only the first of a range of maple syrup products the UnTapped plan to release. The Indiegogo campaign runs until 11:59pm (PST) on 9 September 2014, and expected delivery for pre-orders is in October.

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For more information or to donate for the love of maple syrup, visit the page.