Teravail introduces Washburn gravel tyre for speed and grip

Washburn joins the Sparwood, Cannonball and Rutland in Teravail's gravel range

Teravail Washburn gravel tyre

Teravail has added the Washburn to its range of gravel bike tyres, describing the new model as the fastest-rolling tyre in the line-up.


Teravail, if you’re not familiar, is a Minnesota-based brand that arrived in the UK last year, specialising in gravel, all-road and mountain bike tyres.

The Washburn joins the Sparwood, Cannonball and Rutland in the Teravail gravel range. “Designed for rides that cover everything from rough pavement to fast gravel, it’s a tyre that can put you on the podium on Saturday and take you to work on Monday,” according to Teravail.

The Washburn has a slick centre tread and lugs that start small in a tightly-packed formation, before becoming significantly bigger (and more spaced out).

Teravail says this design provides speed over hard-packed dirt, gravel and tarmac, and progressive, debris-shedding grip when cornering or on loose terrain.

The Washburn is available in 700c x 38mm, 700c x 42mm and 650b x 47mm sizes, with the option of two casings.

Teravail’s 60 TPI ‘Durable’ casing has a woven nylon composite reinforcement between the outer rubber and inner casing. Teravail says this design prevents tearing and abrasions, while a fine nylon weave under the tread helps protect against punctures.

The ‘Light and Supple’ casing comes with claims of superior ride quality and lighter weight if you’re willing to give up some puncture protection.

The Washburn is available with a tan sidewall or standard black sidewall and, as with all Teravail tyres, is tubeless-ready.


Teravail Washburn sizes and prices

We’ll update this article with UK prices and tyre weights when we have them.

700 x 38BlackDurableBead-to-Bead$60
700 x 38BlackLight and Supple-$55
700 x 38TanDurableBead-to-Bead$60
700 x 38TanLight and Supple-$55
700 x 42BlackDurableBead-to-Bead$60
700 x 42BlackLight and Supple-$55
700 x 42TanDurableBead-to-Bead$60
700 x 42TanLight and Supple-$55
650 x 47BlackDurableBead-to-Bead$60
650 x 47BlackLight and Supple-$55
650 x 47TanDurableBead-to-Bead$60
650 x 47TanLight and Supple-$55