Tern launches its smallest folder yet

New BYB offers compact folding and full-sized ride

The new BYB (Bring Your Bike) S11 from Tern is its most compact folder to date, but one that doesn’t stray from its ethos of using larger 20-inch wheels compared to Brompton’s smaller 16-inches.


Josh Hon, who headed up the project, says about the new BYB: “We spent a lot of time debating wheel size at the start of the project. Some argued for using a smaller wheel, which of course results in a smaller folded package, but smaller wheels come with a compromise in ride quality. In the end, ride quality won out because if we and our customers are going to be on a bike, putting in miles day in and day out, it has to ride well.”

Rather than being small overall when folded, Tern has concentrated on getting a slimmer profile that’s designed to fit inside a locker, so when folded and packed it measures 81cm tall, 35cm wide and 52cm deep.

The BYB moniker tells part of the story as Tern has aimed to make a properly usable bike in a folding package, and the bike launches with a range of accessories that include a standard sized airline suitcase that fits the bike with no disassembly whatsoever.

Other accessories include a padded stow bag for easy carrying, a pop cover (like a pop-up tent that covers the bike, more on that later) and a front fitting pack-rack.

BYB Tern folding road bike in case
The BYB hidden away under the pop-cover
Warren Rossiter/Immediate Media

The bike is the company’s first to feature more than one hinge. Tern calls the BYB a tri-fold bike, where it has two of its new TFL hinges on the main frame and a single TFL hinge on the steerer tube.

The tri-fold design is what gets the BYB into a more compact fold, but Tern has done away with the single-spar design of previous models in favour of a new twin-tube design called the double-deck, which it claims helps to reduce weight while improving the frame’s rigidity.

The TFL joints are 3D forged units that snap into place when the lever is closed and feature a deadbolt so you won’t accidentally open the hinge when riding. These hinges slide on IGUS bearings which Tern tells us ensures long-life, friction-free folding.

BYB Tern folding road bike folded
The S11 packs down into a slim package

The fold locks into place with a new anchor bolt, which locks the front fork to the rear dropout when folded and is released with a quick-release lever to unfold.

To help move the folded BYB around, Tern has also designed a new rear rack called the Metro Transit. The rack is designed with twin spinner trolley wheels mounted into it, so when the bike is folded and upright you can trolley the bike around using a combination of trolley wheels and the bike’s front wheel. The tubular alloy rack is compatible with KlickFix pannier catches and Ortlieb bags and panniers too.

folding road bike
The £2300 S11 is Tern’s flagship model for their tri-fold design

Tern has launched two models of the new BYB, the first is the P8 priced at £1,300 / $1,295 / €1,195, but the model we’ve got our hands on to test is the Ultegra-equipped S11 priced at £2,300 / $2,495 / €2,295.

Tern BYB accessories range

AirPorter Slim suitcase

Hard shell airline-sized polycarbonate suitcase.

  • Dimensions: 525 x 325 x 860mm / 20.7 x 12.8 x 33.9in
  • Price: £TBC / $295 / €325


Canvas pop-up cover for the folded bike.

  • Price: £TBC / $45 / €45

Luggage Truss CMT

The BYB features the same front Combo Mount as the Tern GSD, with a wide range of baskets, bags and panniers designed for the KlickFix system.

  • Price: £TBC / $49 / €55

Go-To Bag

A messenger bag made to fit the Luggage Truss CMT.

  • Price: £TBC / $140 / €150

Pack Rack

This frame-mounted front rack is small but strong. The Pack Rack can be used as a handle to trolley the folded bike and it doesn’t affect the folded package size.

  • Price: £TBC / $59 / €65