Tesco launch new line of electric bikes

The Hopper e-bike hopes to woo those looking for an 'assisted' ride

The UK’s largest retailer Tesco has introduced a new range of electric bikes known as the Hopper.


Available now these Tesco-exclusive bicycles feature a Pedalec system that ‘assists’ the cyclist’s pedalling to aid the ascent up hills or heading into strong winds.

Further features for the entry-level Hopper City Electric Bike (£380) incude a single speed gear and a battery that can be recharged in three hours.

The hopper city electric bike can travel up to 15mph via its assist mode:

Its steel frame includes a low step-through for easy mounting while Tesco say the bike is capable of 15 miles of travel at 15mph before recharging is needed.

The next step up after this is the Hopper City SE bike at £400, which features a Shimano six-speed gear system with micro shifter, while the Hopper Shopper (£420) includes three levels of pedalling assistance and can travel for 25 miles before you’re left to the power of your legs alone. It also features a side stand, LED display six-speed gear system and velo-branded saddle.

The Hopper Shopper SE Folding Electric Bike (£440) meanwhile can be folded down to half of its size, as can the Hopper Urban Folding Electric Bike (£490), which also features a pannier rack.


A silver frame and Kenda Gumwell tyres adorn the top-of-the-range Hopper Urban SE Folding Electric Bike (£500).

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