The 17 NAHBS Award Winners

And the blue ribbons go to...

It’s a wrap. Forget the Oscars, the real gongs up for grabs this weekend were at the North American Handmade Bike Show (NAHBS) in Denver, where the only tears were shed by BikeRadar’s guys on the floor who spent 72 hours hunting high and low for virtuoso performances from some of the best bike builders on the planet.


In a tradition going back to the first NAHBS show in 2005, the exhibiting builders themselves voted for their favourite pieces, and the results are the following awards.

Alchemy took top honors for carbon construction:
Alchemy took top honors for carbon construction

We’ve already showcased the builders behind some of the award winners, including Black Sheep, Kent Eriksen and Gängl, and we will be giving in-depth looks at many of the other award winners throughout this week. 

A full list of category winners is below, but here are some of the highlights.  

Cyclocross bikes fired Aaron Barcheck’s imagination and his Boulder-based Mosaic Cycles carried home the best cyclocross creation.

Mosaic’s award winner:
Mosaic’s Di2 ’cross beauty

The show really took light when it came to design innovation. There was plenty on show on the Calfee stand, who shared the tandem award with Black Sheep.

Steve Potts’s Titanium 29er Hard Tail took the best TIG frame, and Bishop Bikes the best road bike for his exquisitely detailed, retro-inspired steel creation.

There were a brace of double category winners. Matsuda Cycle Factory took the President’s Choice Award and Best Track Bike for its Level Keirin Racer. And Moots could have literally carried off best theme bike and the people’s choice award for their outrageous chainsaw-carrying Trail Maintenance creation.

From the ridiculous to the sublime: the Best of Show award went to English Cycles, whose degree of innovation and flair realised in plain old-fashioned steel was unsurpassed. Chapeau, English Cycles, Chapeau.

Rob english’s personal tt machine:
James Huang/BikeRadar
English Cycles’ svelte, steel TT machine

The winners 2013 of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show:

Best carbon construction: Alchemy Bicycle Company   

Best road frame: Bishop Bikes

Best lugged frame: Bilenky Cycle Works

Best alternative material: Boo

Best city bike: Shin-Ichi Konno

Best mountain bike: Retrotec-Inglis Cycles

Best cyclocross bike: Mosaic Cycles

Best titanium construction: Kent Eriksen and Black Sheep

Best tandem bike: Calfee Design and Black Sheep

Best TIG frame: Steve Potts Bicycles

Best theme bike: Moots/IMBA Trail Maintenance Bike  

People’s choice award: Moots/IMBA Trail Maintenance Bike   

President’s choice award: Matsuda Cycle Factory

Best track bike: Matsuda Cycle Factory


Best of show: English Cycles