The 2018 Specialized Enduro has officially landed

Longer, lower geometry for 29er and 650b versions

Both the 29 and 27.5 versions of the Specialized Enduro have had geometry and suspension tweaks for 2018.


The top line is that both platforms have been lengthened, and the 27.5 version has had a top tube tweak to give it a look more in keeping with the 29er version.

With the geometry changes, Specialized says both the 29er and 27.5 platform look more similar and have the same cockpit feel.

Both also have a shock extension with a flip chip, which gives riders the chance to switch the bottom bracket and, correspondingly, the head tube angle between a low and high setting.

A handy comparison chat shows the geometry updates for both the 29er and 650b version for 2018

Other updates include:

  • Carbon rims on Pro bike models
  • New Command Post WU seatpost on S-Works, Pro and Coil models
  • 800mm bars on all models
  • SWAT storage compartment in down tube
  • Threaded bottom bracket throughout line
The S-Works version of 2018 Enduro is also available as this rather luscious frameset option

While the majority are available as full builds only, the S-Works versions of both the 29er and 650b platform are also available as frame and shock, and in an eye-catching, colour-shifting blue/purple with yellow graphics too.

S-Works Enduro 29/6Fattie

The S-Works Enduro 29er/6Fattie — available in any colour so long as it’s black

Gone is the lairy yellow-and-red paint job and in its place the FACT IS-X 11m carbon fibre frame comes in stealthy black.

Gone also is the press-fit bottom bracket with a return to threaded bottom brackets, in this case the SRAM GXP XR 73.

The stack has dropped 3mm across all the sizes, with a correspondingly longer reach from +5mm on the small to +13mm on the XL, fitting in with the general trend towards longer, lower bikes.

Head tube angle remains the same at 66 degrees, but the seat tube angle has been made a little steeper, from 76.5 to 76.9 on the size small frame and 75 to 76.5 on the size XL frame.

The bottom bracket height in the high position now sits 2mm above the 2017 version, but is then lowered by on average a further 8mm by moving the flip switch to the low position. So, for example, the size medium 2017 Enduro 29er had a bottom bracket height of 352mm, while the 2018 version has a bottom bracket height of 354mm in the high position and 346 in the low position.

As you’d expect for the price tag, you’re also getting a SRAM XX1 Eagle 12-speed groupset with carbon crankset, Roval Traverse SL 29er wheelset, SRAM Code RSC 4-piston caliper brakes and Butcher tyres.

The tasty suspension setup provides 160mm of travel with a custom Öhlins STX shock, Rx All Mountain tune and an Öhlins RXF 36 fork. There’s a new link that’s been designed to accommodate the extension, too.

Also worth noting is the presence of the new Command Post IRcc WU dropper seatpost with 150mm of travel. This gives 150mm of effective travel, with a mechanism that raises the nose of the saddle as it moves down through its travel.

And just in case you were wondering, and as the name suggests, this platform can still run either 29er or 650b plus.

  • £8,000 (US and Australia TBC)

S-Works Enduro 650b

The new 650b Enduro has been lengthened and is designed to look and ride in a similar way to the 29er platform

The 650b/27.5 platform has also had an update for 2018, and like the 29er it’s not just cosmetic.

Yes, Specialized has also opted for stealth black on the S-Works version, which comes in the same FACT IS-X 11m carbon fibre frame, and it’s also got a threaded bottom bracket, SRAM XX1 Eagle 1×12 groupset, Roval Traverse SL wheels with carbon rims, Butcher tyres and SRAM Code RSC brakes.

In terms of geometry, the head tube length has increased by +5mm across all sizes, with an increase in stack and reach. Using the size medium frame as an example, that’s an increase in stack from 590mm to 599mm, and an increase in reach from 430mm to 444mm.

The flip switch on the 27.5 platform will allow you to drop the bottom bracket from 350mm (which remains the same as 2017) to 342mm, with a corresponding shift in head tube angle from 65.5 degrees to 65 degrees.

  • £8,000 (US and Australia TBC)

Specialized Enduro Pro 29er/6 Fattie and 650b

The Enduro Pro 29er has a carbon frame, Ohlins suspension and SRAM 2×12 gearing

The Pro version of the Enduro 29er/6Fattie and 650b platforms share the same FACT IS-X 11r carbon fibre frame construction and geometry as the S-Works option, but this time there’s a splash of colour with a cool blue-green fade.

Suspension at this price point comes in the form of Öhlins STX Shock with All Mountain Tune and RXF 36 forks. SRAM X01 1×12 Eagle groupset and SRAM Code R brakes provide the stop and go, and Roval Traverse Carbon wheels are fitted with Butcher tyres.

Both versions have a SWAT storage compartment in the down tube and are fitted with the new WU Command Post dropper seatpost.

  • £6,500 (US and Australia TBC)

Enduro Elite 650b

The Enduro Elite 650b in all its pink and black glory

At the Elite level, the carbon chassis is constructed from FACT 9m carbon fibre with an aluminium rear and the new flip chip system,  

The gearing is the still excellent SRAM GX 1×11 system with Race Face Aeffect crankset, SRAM Code R brakes, Roval Traverse wheels and Butcher tyres.

Suspension comes via a RockShox Monarch Plus shock partnered with Öhlins RXF 36 forks.

You still get the SWAT storage compartment in the down tube, but the seat tube is the non-’WU’ version of the Command Post IRcc dropper.

  • £4,250 (US and Australia TBC)

Enduro Comp 29/6Fattie and 650b

The Comp 29er version is an alloy-framed entry-level model for the range

The entry-level model in the range comes with an alloy frameset with RockShox Monarch Plus shock and RockShox Yari RC forks.

SRAM provides the groupset again with a 1×11 GX gearset, Race Face Aeffect alloy crankset and SRAM Guide R brakes.

Rolling stock is made up of Roval Traverse rims on Specialized hubs, and again Butcher tyres make an appearance.

The Comp version doesn’t get a SWAT compartment in the down tube, and like the Elite version has the Command Post IRcc dropper without the new WU feature.

£2,999 (US and Australia TBC)

Update your 2017 Enduro

For anyone who has just invested in a 2017 bike, don’t despair. The flip chip extension and new link are available as service parts, so you can upgrade the bike you have and you won’t need to retune your shock.


On the downside, UK pricing sees a serious jump. The 2017 S-Works Enduro 27.5, for example, retailed at £7,400 and is now a clean £8,000.