The 6D ATB-1T is two helmets in one, literally

Dual-shell trail lid with a clever safety system

6D is a relative newcomer to the protection market. Founded in 2011, 6D focused its efforts on improving motorsports helmets, but has been making steady inroads with full-face helmets for downhill and BMX.


The latest lid from 6D is the ATB-1T. It’s a dual-shell half-shell. If that sounds complicated, it’s because the design is significantly different from other helmets on the market.

The ATB-1T nests an EPS foam liner inside an EPS foam exterior. Sandwiched between the two is the technology that makes this helmet stand out. 6D uses what it calls the Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS) to deal with rotation and mitigate impact forces.

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No, that’s not the Bio-Dome. This geodesic structure is the ODS liner in the middle of the helmet

According to the company, the ODS liner functions similar to the MIPS system when dealing with rotation. In the event of a rotational impact, the ODS system allows the exterior of the helmet of move independently of the liner. What distinguishes ODS from MIPS, and why 6D claims its system is superior, is the fact that the rubberized dampers that allow the outer shell to pivot also compress under impacts, absorbing energy that would otherwise be transmitted to the rider’s head.

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6D claims the space between the two shells enhances ventilation

Here’s a look at the system in action on a 6D full-face.


Because of the dual-shell design, the ATB-1T does have a slightly larger profile on the wearer’s head. The system is also heavier than many MIPS-equipped helmets, too.  The ATB-1T has a claimed weight of 490g.

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The ATB-1T is available now and retails for $269. 

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6D co-founder robert reisinger also founded mountain cycle:

What’s up with the sweet San Andreas at the 6D booth? It turns out that 6D co-founder Robert Reisinger also founded Mountain Cycle