Sensus reimagines the tailgate pad

The Bachelor Pad carries bikes… and transforms the back of your truck into a couch

Sensus Bachelor Pad

The Sensus Bachelor Pad is a unique take on the ubiquitous tailgate pad with some well-thought-out features.


When it comes to transporting bikes in a pickup truck, a tailgate pad is generally your best option. Regardless of brand, they’re all similar in form and function, and for the most part, work pretty well.

However, the hallmark of the Bachelor Pad, inside the tailgate, is a separate flap that attaches to the rails of your truck bed. This not only prevents the pad from sliding side to side, but also creates a pocket in the truck bed, perfect for storing knee pads, muddy shoes, a pump or that smelly jersey you haven’t washed in more than a week.

There are also three velcro pockets for smaller items, such as chain lube or tools, and these are hidden out of sight when the tailgate is closed. With the tailgate down, the flap doubles as a backrest.

Sensus Bachelor Pad
A couch/pocket, smaller gear pockets and a clever solution for accessing the latch

By design, tailgate pads cover the latch and backup camera (if you have one), and use some sort of Velcro flap, which often doesn’t line up and still covers part of the handle or rearview camera. However, the Bachelor Pad uses a triangular cut-out with a magnetic flap that should solve this problem.

The exterior of the pad is made from UV-protected canvas. Sensus has doubled the padding where bikes come into contact with the tailgate to better protect both, and each bike gets its own strap.

Sensus says the added padding also helps keep things from jostling around when the road gets rough and has lined the interior with microfibre fabric to protect your paintjob.

The Bachelor Pad has built-in end bumpers to prevent your bikes from migrating off the pad, and D-ring straps, so you don’t have to bearhug your tailgate awkwardly to install it.

Sensus includes what it calls ‘Snap Koozies’. Made from neoprene, they work a bit like the snap bracelets your crush gave you in elementary school and can be used in the pad itself to add a bit of protection or as additional padding for your frame. They can also be used to keep your après-beverage cool too.


The Bachelor pad is available now through the Sensus web store and will set you back $220.00. International pricing is to be announced.