The best Father’s Day gift ideas for cyclists

Get your dad or the father-figure in your life something special this Father's Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so you better make a move if you want to get a gift in time for Sunday 16 June. Read on to find something special for your cycling-mad dad.


The best Father’s Day gifts for cyclists 2019

Cycling Dad Father’s Day card

Father's Day card image
A rather thoughtful card
Constance and Clay

You’ll definitely need to write your dad a loving and heartfelt message, and what better way to do that than with a cycling themed card.

This one particularly took our fancy, but have a browse through what’s available on Not On The High Street for a range of thoughtful and personal options.

Bike Wine Holder

Wine bottle holder for bike
Carry wine wherever you go
Temple Cycles

Cycling, coffee and alcohol seem to go hand in hand. Post ride beer or wine is great, but how do you get to it if you end up somewhere remote?

Aeropress (+ coffee subscription)

It's essential to get your coffee fix
It’s essential to get your coffee fix

Of course, coffee is essential in cycling.

DeFeet Aireator Socks

Defeet Aireator 6-inch Shazam socks
Socks are a part of the cycling uniform

Socks are usually one of those gifts for when people have run out of ideas. In the case of cycling though it’s more than important that your sock game is strong.

This was the loudest design we could find, coupled with the proven performance of DeFeet socks.

A handy multi-tool

Father’s Day might also be an opportunity to splurge on some things dad might not otherwise treat himself to.

Good multi-tools are hard to come by, and by far one of our favourites is the Topeak Ratchet Rocket, which couples removable bits with a wrench to actually provide decent leverage.

Silca makes the most premium of premium pumps and tools
Silca makes the most premium of premium pumps and tools

A similar tool is available from premium brand Silca, for the ultimate in luxury. It even comes with a torque wrench, perfect for today’s high performance bikes.

Lezyne Pressure Drive mini-pump

Pump in style
Pump in style

Couple that with a posh mini pump from Lezyne and your dad should have everything he needs for any emergencies out on the road.

Feedback Sport Alpine Scale

We doubt there’s a cyclist out there who hasn’t at one point or another worried about the weight of their bike or components.

The Feedback Sport Alpine Scale is what we’ve been using for a while as the ‘scale of truth’ at BikeRadar, and has proven to be reliable and accurate.

Weighing things is essential, even if you're not a weight-weenie
Weighing things is essential, even if you’re not a weight-weenie
Oliver Woodman / Immediate Media

Alternatively, if you want to send your dad a not so subtle message that he might need to get out on his bike a bit more then why not gift him some smart scales to assess his fitness levels.

Muc-Off Bike Care Essentials Kit

Get things looking clean and shiny!
Get things looking clean and shiny!

Your dad may well need some encouragement to clean the dust and muck off his bike.

FWE Compact Folding Workstand

FWE compact folding workstand
A foldable workstand is convenient and very useful
Evans Cycles

A workstand makes repairing your bike an easy task with good access to your drivetrain, wheels and underside of your bike. The FWE Compact Folding Workstand is not only reasonably priced but also packs down and stores away easily, so it won’t be in the way.

Donate a Buffalo Bike through World Bicycle Relief

Donate to a worthy cause
Donate to a worthy cause
World Bicycle Relief

For the cyclist that has it all, why not consider a donation to World Bicycle Relief on their behalf.

This goes to a very worthy cause, improving the mobility of people in developing countries and helping them gain access to healthcare, education and economic opportunities.

A subscription to dad’s favourite magazine

Issue 339 is out now!
Issue 339 is out now!
Cycling Plus

Your father should always have something worth reading on the coffee table so why not hook him up with a subscription to one of our excellent magazines?