The BikeRadar Live pump track is built

Mountain bike heaven at Brands Hatch

After hours of hard work, the BikeRadar Live 2010 pump track at Brands Hatch is now finished and waiting to be ridden on 10-11 July.


What’s a pump track? Well it’s essentially a short, looped trail comprising bumps, rollers and berms. The idea is to get around the track without pedalling; instead you should rely on pumping and flow.

The pump track will be used for coaching sessions, plus the world’s top riders will be putting on demos. It’ll be available for you to ride too, whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned pumper.

The BikeRadar Live pump track is one of many trails you’ll be able to ride over the weekend, alongside the red, blue and black demo loops. There’s also the What Mountain Bike Dirt Crit course plus, for the more adventurous, the Airbag. Mountain bike demo bikes will be available to ride throughout the weekend.

If you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of riding a pump track, here’s a breakdown of the three essential skills needed from Mountain Biking UK magazine’s Doddy:

Pump track riding action:
Steve Behr

Riders get their flow on at Esher Shore’s pump track


As you approach the bump, push into it as hard as you can through your feet. Let the bars come towards you, then force them down on the backside of the bump. As the rear wheel comes up, travel with it and be ready to push your weight down through the pedals on the backside of the bump. And then simply repeat – on every bump in sight!


Where the pump bumps are close together, it can be easier to manual. To do this, let the front wheel become airborne. Then, when the rear wheel follows suit, force it down and come up on the bike. When the front wheel meets the next backside of the bump, just keep on pumping.


Although not designed around jumping, it’s possible to double up certain whoops on pump tracks. You have to really stomp your weight through the cranks to push the bike into the transition, and where you’d normally absorb the lip you need to pop up hard. Landing right is essential, otherwise you’ll lose all the momentum you’ve gained through pumping.


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