BikeRadar Podcast: What’s the hardest MTB discipline?

Between the team at BikeRadar and MBUK Magazine we've raced every MTB discipline going, so we wanted to work out which is the most demanding one around…

XC marathon race

From fat-bike races in the Arctic to World-Cup-level downhill racing, with Enduro World Series, cross-country and multi-day marathons in-between, Tom and Seb from BikeRadar, and Luke Marshall from MBUK Magazine have done them all.


With such a broad spectrum of racing under the mountain-bike umbrella, we wanted to work out which is the toughest to compete in. Trying to compare a three-minute downhill race to a 200km marathon is pretty tricky, that’s for sure!

Have we got it right, though? Let us know in the comments below.

mountain bike marathon racing
Tom recently did a three-day pairs marathon in South Africa – but is that harder than a three-minute DH race?
Jetline Action Photo

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