The BikeYoke Revive dropper post can be bled at the push of a button

Non-IFP design allows for useful reset function

Dropper posts are coming out thick and fast from various manufacturers, but the forthcoming Revive dropper post from BikeYoke looks like it’s going to bring something genuinely new to this segment.


Expected early next year, the cable-actuated Revive dropper will be sold in 125mm and 160mm versions — both with infinitely adjustable travel. But it’s this post’s clever internals that really set it apart.

You see, the Revive works without an IFP (internal floating piston) — a critical component found on most of the popular dropper posts on the market today. Should sealing fail, even slightly, at the IFP then your dropper becomes an expensive, saggy suspension seatpost, and one that requires a service to get it back to good health. BikeYoke believes that IFP droppers aren’t the way to go and state: “we think it is too difficult — if not impossible — to make a really reliable design using an IFP.”

The Revive’s most unique selling point is its unique bleed valve, which releases troublesome air in seconds, and at the same time resets the hydraulic circuit within the post. This function can be used at any time and simply requires a rider to push a reset button while lowering the post.

The non-IFP design of the Revive features a handy ‘reset’ button that quickly and easily bleeds the post

This functionality makes the Revive’s hydraulic circuit a stable closed system, and one that BikeYoke says is “basically maintenance free”. Of course, maintenance will be necessary at some point, and then users should be glad of the Revive’s one-piece lower assembly, which uses a series of easily replaceable bushings and keyway pins to keep rotational play at bay.

Its non-IFP design is also said to have other benefits including smoother operation, smaller overall dimensions and less of a reliance on an exact oil fill when compared with IFP posts. The Revive features just two dynamic seals in its hydraulic circuit, that’s half of the amount used by most of the competition (Reverb, KS LEV and Fox Transfer).

The Revive will be available in 125mm and 160mm versions, which are 369mm and 439mm in length, respectively. 30.9mm and 31.6mm diameter versions are confirmed while a 34.9mm version is said to be in the pipeline.

Different remote options are available for those running 1x set ups and those that aren’t, the former getting the company’s existing 25g ‘triggy’ shifter. A Revive sans lever is said to weigh 470g.

BikeYoke Revive dropper post highlights

  • Cable-actuated hydraulic dropper post 
  • Reset valve for fast and easy bleeding
  • Non-IFP internals offer, claimed, improvements in durability 

Pricing & availability

BikeYoke is currently offering discounts and added extras for those willing to pre-order, with pricing set at €349 for the 125mm and €369 for the 160mm post. The The BikeYoke Revive dropper post will ship internationally but UK, US and Australian pricing is yet to be confirmed.