The Cane Creek Slamset is a new low for the bike industry

Super low-profile headset will get you down

Are you desperate to reduce your bike’s stack height? Craving that long and low position that just looks so pro? The Cane Creek Slamset is an all-new ultra low-profile headset that gets your stem exceptionally close to your upper headset bearing. 


The IS (integrated) Slamset shaves off 5mm of stack height compared to a standard item, while the ZS (zero-stack) version gets you 6mm lower – we’re essentially talking about one skinny headset spacer’s worth of stack here.

Because of the space restrictions imposed by the lower profile, the Slamset has less substantial seals than Cane Creek’s standard headset.

The Slamset doesn’t have much in the way of seals
Matthew Allen / Immediate Media
To compensate, it gets Cane Creek’s new Hellbender stainless steel bearing, which is designed to be more durable when exposed to dirt and moisture. The hellbender is a variety of salamander incidentally, a connection that makes sense when you look at Cane Creek’s company logo.

If you’re looking for a bearing upgrade for your existing Cane Creek headset, the Hellbender bearing fits 110, 40, Angleset and Air headsets.

The extra-durable Hellbender bearing makes up for the Slamset’s minimal sealing
Matthew Allen / Immediate Media

The Slamset is expected to retail at $160 for the ZS and $130 for the IS (prices include upper and lower assemblies. Pricing in other territories is to be confirmed.