The Dimond Marquise is an extreme looking tri bike

Iowan brand Marquise sets new benchmark for challenging looking bikes

A “renaissance-inducing, triathlete’s dream”. These are the bold and somewhat impenetrable words that Dimond uses to describe its new Marquise triathlon bike.

The new Dimond Marquise is an extreme looking, wind cheating, tri machine

Unearthed from the “Dimond Mine”, the bike carries over the unique Dimond aesthetic and sees incremental updates over the brand’s pre-existing triathlon bike, the Brilliant.

Partnering with composite expert STRUCTeam, the layup process Dimond uses has been significantly reworked from the previous generation, which is claimed to have resulted in a stronger and more efficient bike overall.

While seemingly no manufacturer is yet to quantify what makes a bike the fastest in the world, Dimond has taken the Marquise into the wind tunnel for extensive testing to claim, like many others, that their bike is indeed the quickest machine available on the market.

With a downtube this big you could get very creative with your paint job

With as much storage as your average family estate car, the Marquise boasts both ambient and chilled “lunch boxes”, which give a combined volume of 2.2 litres — perfect for keeping your nourishing post-ride beer cool on hotter days.

The bike is also equipped with an enclosed area, which Dimond says is designed specifically for emergency situations. With the typical diet of a triathlete consisting primarily of gels and protein bars, we dare not speculate what “emergency situations” Dimond is referring to.

Do you want your Marquise paint in jazzy colours? Dimond will gladly accommodate your needs

Dimond believes that every customer should be able to design a bike which “truly reflects their needs and wants”, so every bike is offered with custom build and paint options. And with such large, boxy sections of frame, you’ll have a large canvas to work with.

If you need a bike to fill the ‘aesthetically challenging tri bike’ space in your quiver, then you can have a Marquise frameset for US$7,599, with medium framesets arriving in January and all other sizes the following month. (International pricing and availability to be announced.)

Are you having flashbacks to the memorable Trek Y-Foil? Have you had quite enough of crazy looking triathlon bikes? Let us know your thoughts below.