The Douchebags are at it again with the Savage roll-cage bike case

New Savage bike case claimed to work with all bikes

Traveling with your bike is typically a challenge. After all, it’s likely expensive, awkwardly big, and most importantly, something you don’t want damaged.


Db, or more hilariously known as Douchebags, has introduced its Savage bike case which it claims marries the best of hard- and soft-sided bike cases, and works with any bike, including downhill and road bikes.

Db road bike packing
The Savage bike case features separate wheel compartments said to work with up to 29in wheels

Db Savage bike case highlights

  • Internal roll cage
  • Works with 700c, 26in to 29in wheel bikes
  • Compatible with Db’s hook-up system
  • 146 x 30 x 38cm folded dimensions
  • 11.8kg / 26lbs
Db’s new Savage bike case is claiming to be the ultimate bike travel bag

Db roll cage

For those wondering what a roll cage is, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Sort of. The term comes from race cars. It’s a metal frame added to strengthen the vehicle and to protect the passenger compartment should the car be in an accident or horrendously flip over (and over and over). 

In the Savage bike case, Db claims the aluminum frame provides superior protection, resists pressure loads (for example, someone’s huge suitcase) and has a good strength-to-weight ratio.

Additionally, Db states the roll cage needs no tools to be set up and taken apart.

Db also notes that compared to a hard-sided bike case, the Savage can be packed down and rolled up for easy storage, and that it weighs less.

With an internal roll cage, the Savage aims to combine the best features of soft and hard shell bike cases

Works with any bike

Perhaps the more impressive claim that Db makes about the Savage bike case is that it’s said to work with any bike. 

A road bike handlebar adaptor lets the bag work with road machines. Although Db notes the bars have to be detached. 

Db claims all bikes are fair game, even big downhill and freeride bikes

According to Db, all mountain bikes are fair game; plus-size tire bikes up to long downhill bikes are claimed to fit inside.

Bikes are secured in the center of the roll cage. The straps have locking levers which Db states will keep the bike from shifting positions.

Db Savage bike case pricing and availability

$699 / UK and Australian pricing not available

Db is taking pre-orders now with shipping said to begin Monday 28 May.


According to Db, the road bike adaptor is included at no additional charge on all pre-orders.