The F3 FormMount is the neat Garmin mount you’ve been looking for

First look at runaway crowdfunding success

After a set of runaway crowdfunding campaigns that smashed their original targets, the F3 FormMount has started shipping and we have just received our unit for test.  


The FormMount attaches via two extended stem bolts, and centres the computer directly in front of or above the stem — a much neater solution than the usual rubber-band or bar clamp options.

Your cockpit is instantly tidied up with the F3 FormMount
Jack Luke / Immediate Media
The F3 FormMount is the neat solution to mounting your bike computer that you’ve been looking for
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

With pivoting arms, the FormMount is designed to fit the majority of existing four-bolt stems.

There are five mounting options, achieved by using the upper or lower bolts, and by flipping the arms around.

The mount sits nice and low
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

The FormMount also has fore/aft adjustability and two different lengths of arms, so you can position your computer where your want it, regardless of its size.

Since the initial round of crowdfunding, a host of stretch-goal updates have seen the F3 turn into something more like a all-in-one platform for cleanly mounting a range accessories including GoPro’s, lights and phones to your bike.

Early backers will receive a free GoPro mount and coloured chips to customise their FormMount. These are also available to purchase separately.
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

Initial backers will also receive a little bag of coloured chips that allow you to customise your FormMount to match your bike.

Fitting the F3 FormMount is outrageously simple
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

Fitting the FormMount was a ridiculously simple and faff-free affair.

After briefly scanning the included instructions to make sure we got the washer and extended face-plate bolt combination right, we removed the bottom two bolts from the first bike we could grab, replaced them with the FormMount… and that was it!

Swapping the Garmin mounting plate out for the included Wahoo plate was equally simple
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

The mount is largely self-centering and with a bit of gentle wiggling, our Wahoo Elemnt Bolt was lower and cleaner than ever before.

Swapping the Garmin mount out for the included Wahoo mount was an equally painless affair, with a simple 2mm allen bolt holding it in place and two keyed holes ensuring the mount is oriented correctly.

The bottom of the FormMount is designed to accept mounts for GoPros, lights and other accessories
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

We’re going to be testing out the F3 FormMount over the next few months on a number of different bikes, as well as trying out the GoPro and phone mounts, so keep your eyes peeled for a full review soon.

You can order the F3 FormMount direct for $59.95 (approx £48/€57/AU$80). International shipping is also available.


Do you relish the idea of a cleaner solution to mounting your bike computer or do you live by the #NoGarminNoRules philosophy? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.