The Feed delivery service brings sports nutrition products to your door

Clif Bar, PowerBar, SiS, Gu, and CamelBak among partner brands

Team Garmin-Sharp parent company Slipstream Sports has launched a sports nutrition delivery service called The Feed. The idea behind the initiative is simple: select your monthly package based on how often you cycle, what you like, and how much you tend to eat, then check out and wait for your energy products to arrive.


Monthly packages start at US$9.99 for seven pieces (four to five rides by The Feed’s estimates) and top out at US$29.99 for 22 items (15 to 20 rides). Even with shipping costs added in, the prices are comparable to buying products at the store.

You can add hydration and recovery products, and there’s an impressive potential for variety so you’re unlikely to grow tired of eating the same thing ride after ride.

Just days into the launch, The Feed’s expansive list of partner companies includes Clif Bar, Probar, PowerBar, Gu, Skratch Labs, Science in Sport, Fluid Nutrition, CamelBak, Cytomax, Justin’s, Rip van Waffles, and (soon to be) Honey Stinger, Breeze Bars, and Bonk Breaker. More brands are due to be added in a few weeks.

Save for hydration and recovery add-ons, the Feed staff will choose the contents of the initial delivery for you. Afterwards, you send feedback on what you liked and didn’t like – even down to flavors – and subsequent deliveries are tweaked accordingly. There’s a certain amount of trust involved, but there’s also some level of confidence that the staff have experience in the field.

“We wanted to provide a service that not only gives our customers the best sports nutrition each month, but also teaches them how and when to use it to realize their full potential,” said Slipstream Sports director of e-commerce Bryan Smith.

“At The Feed we are all avid cyclists, skiers, and runners, but, more importantly, we’ve combined that experience with the feedback we’ve gained from working with professional athletes at Slipstream Sports and Team Garmin-Sharp.

In addition to merely offering a delivery service for energy foods, the feed’s website also includes some useful information:
The Feed

The Feed’s website also includes some useful information

“We also believe in providing a personal touch for our customers. At launch, we have recommended boxes so our customers can get started easily. Just like with our pro riders, everything can be personalized. The Feed is like your personal soigneur – email us and we will customize your order, flavors, and products from our wide selection to meet your tastes, preferences, performance needs, and dietary restrictions.”

“Customers are in complete control of what they receive each month,” Smith added. “They can modify their box, pause or cancel their subscription at any time.

“Our starter options are a great way to try out our service. They also give you a substantial savings over buying retail. Better yet, you get the variety of different flavors and don’t have to commit to twelve of one flavor at a time.”


For more information, visit The Feed website.