THE Industries knee and elbow guards

SAS-TEC pads for body armor market

THE Industries have released a new line of SAS-TEC elbow and knee guards. The Maxi Guards are claimed to be more protective than standard hard armor, but also more comfortable.


The German-engineered SAS-TEC viscoelastic foam is already widely used in the motorbike industry, and now THE have applied it to both their knee and elbow bike Maxi Guards. 

On impact, the foam is said to harden instantly, spreading energy throughout the material. SAS-TEC works by trapping air particles – during an impact these can’t escape, providing extra padding. But when you’re moving more slowly (bending your arm, for example) the air can get out – this allows the guards to remain pliable and comfortable, their low density meaning they can articulate around joints and provide a full range of motion with little resistance.

EVA foam is also in place along the main insert to provide protection from side forces. The foam’s memory effect returns the pads to their original shape after an impact, so they can be reused no matter how hard or often you crash. 

THE say SAS-TEC foam is lighter than other materials on the market, as well as being better at absorbing forces and staying stable across a wider range of temperatures. They also say it lasts longer, with a lifespan of more than 10 years. 

The guards also feature other trail-friendly features, with grippers to hold them in place and perforated neoprene to keep you cooler. Off the bike, the light, low-profile pads are easy to fit under normal clothes or carry around. 

The Maxi Guards are available now for elbows (US$59.99) and knees (US$84.99) in S, M, L and XL sizes.

SAC-TEC’s viscoelastic foam insert: sac-tec’s viscoelastic foam insert
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 SAS-TEC’s viscoelastic foam insert