The Knister Grill is your portable on-bike BBQ solution

Is this the chillest bike accessory of all time?

The Knister Grill is a charming collapsible barbecue that has just launched on Kickstarter and which can be mounted onto your bike, for grilling anywhere you want this summer.


The mount for the grill is claimed to fit any bike with little adjustment. Mercifully, the mount is also tool-free, so can be easily removed when not needed. Alternatively, if you’re not using a bike, the barbecue legs also double up as handles if you need an easy way to carry it with you.

An easily removable mount is compatible with most bicycles

Knister suggests you store your food inside the barbecue for transport, saving you having to lug along a rucksack or have things hanging off your bars. We can’t help but wonder how you will feel about keeping your food inside a BBQ after the residue of a few grilling sessions builds up, but Knister does say that the barbecue can be easily washed and is also dishwasher safe.

Knister will also be selling coal packages when it launches in July, which it claims are easy to light without the use of any of the nasty chemicals like you might find on a disposable barbecue.

Pack everything inside!

When it comes to making your food, you can use the Knister Grill in its collapsed form, when it measures 26×30cm, or extend it to 26×49cm for any more elaborate cooking needs.

Extend it and you’ve got almost twice as much real-estate to grill on

A nice detail is that the grill plates can slide over one another for transport, sealing the BBQ and preventing ash flying all over the place when you’re on the move.

And finally, though the idea amuses us, Knister warns explicitly against grilling while the BBQ is mounted on your bike! No burnt sausages on the move for you. 

When in transport, the racks close to prevent ash flying everywhere

The grill is available at the early bird price of €115 (the estimated retail price will be €179) with anticipated delivery in July. Check out the Knister Kickstarter page for more information. 


Exactly who has been crying out for a bike-mounted barbeque isn’t totally clear to us, but we can’t help but find ourselves charmed by this most frivolous of accessories.