The Kona Electric Ute promises pleasant portage of people, produce and possessions

E-cargo bike aims to replace your car

Kona has brought back its e-cargo Electric Ute and it looks like a delightful way to carry around large quantities of stuff, people or produce.


The Ute is a long-wheelbase cargo bike with a big old rack on the back and the ability to take all manner of luggage, including huge panniers which are supplied as standard.

Kona is keen to show off the Ute’s versatility
Built around a sturdy looking aluminium frame, it’s powered by a Bosch Performance Line motor housed in the bottom bracket, with a chunky battery partially integrated into the down tube. EU models will be limited to the usual 25kph, while a 20mph version will be available in North America.The drivetrain is a 9spd Shimano Acera and Deore mix. Nothing to shout about perhaps, but it’s dependable stuff that’s in keeping with the utilitarian vibe. Brakes are Tektro discs, while the bike rolls on fat 650b tyres.
Yes, it’s child and produce compatible

The Ute is all about practicality. A centre stand should make parking easy while mudguards are an obvious spec choice for an everyday machine, as are the Busch & Müller front and rear lights.

Kona has launched the bike with a series of cheery images showing off its versatility, along with this this video: 

Kona makes riding a giant cargo bike look rather enjoyable

Kona pitches the Ute as the bike that “makes cars obsolete” and for practical everyday activities, we can certainly see the appeal. Of course, unlike a car, you’re likely to want to park the Ute indoors, so its main demographic is presumably going to be people who have garages. 


Kona Electric Ute pricing and availability

The Electric Ute will cost £3,699 in the UK. Pricing in other territories is to be confirmed, and availability is imminent.