The Lazer Anverz is a striking new helmet for e-bike riders

Tougher than a regular bicycle helmet yet lighter than a motorcycle lid

A sharp increase in the popularity of e-bikes throughout Europe has driven manufacturers to produce kit specifically for this growing segment. The Anverz helmet from Belgian brand Lazer is a great example, with a design that’s optimised for assisted cycling. 


Conforming to a new NTA safety standard introduced by the Dutch, it’s rated for bicycles that provide assistance for up to 45km/h, and by doing so the Anverz bridges the gap nicely between a bicycle and motorcycle lid.

The Anverz is based on the same basic structure as Lazer’s enduro mountain bike helmet, the Revolution
Oliver Woodman/Immediate Media
Anyone familiar with Lazer’s current line of helmets may spot similarities between the Anverz and the company’s recent Revolution mountain bike helmet. In fact, the two lids share the same basic structure, although the clip-on shell and unique flip-up visor of the Anverz make for a unique look. The shell itself is a thin vacuum-formed sheet that’s easily removed. Underneath you’ll find several large vents and Lazer’s SMS modular mount system that will accept an action camera or similar accessory, while still allowing the helmet to pass all safety certification testing with it in place.
This prototype version of the Anverz features a foldaway mouthpiece and integrated speakers
Oliver Woodman/Immediate Media

Another distinctive part of the design is the helmet’s removable plastic ear pads. These are taken directly from the Revolution and at present are just an aesthetic addition – although we did spot a prototype version that was fitted with speakers and a Bluetooth intercom system. Lazer already offers impressive integration with its current helmets ­– its Lifebeam system – for example, which turns a regular lid into a heart rate monitor. So we wouldn’t be too surprised to see a retrofit communications kit coming from the brand in future.

A synthetic leather strap and magnetic buckle provide convenience and a touch of extra style too. The Lazer Anverz will be available in three sizes, with a size medium coming in at a claimed 475g, although pricing and availability won’t be confirmed until January 2017. 


There’s good news for UK readers that are eyeing this one up too, and that’s despite the UK’s e-bikes being restricted far below the speeds this helmet is certified for: UK distributor Madison will be stocking the Anverz.