The MRP SXg could be the chain guide we’ve been waiting for

New guide promises simplicity, security and silence

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MRP has just released its latest chain guide. The SXg is designed as one guide to rule all disciplines – trail, enduro and downhill.

“I’m really proud of this product, which started as a concept I had over a year ago. The idea was to produce a guide that addressed every complaint I’d ever heard about chain guides. It’s silent (and actually makes your bike quieter than with no guide), light, durable and completely drag free,” said MRP’s Noah Sears.

The sxg provides upper and lower guides. the lower guide is also the skid plate:

On paper at least, the SXg occupies an appealing middle ground between the burlier G4 and more minimalist AMg(V2). Unlike the G4, the SXg lacks a roller to tension the chain (which also creates drag). The AMg(v2) has a lower skid plate, but doesn’t provide lower chain retention. The SXg uses a lower skid plate that doubles as a passive lower chain guide.

Co-molded tpu plastic (the grey stuff) is intended to silence chain slap:

The upper guide and lower guides are constructed from Nylon and co-molded with a soft TPU plastic strategically positioned to reduce chain noise

Both the top and lower guides swing open for easy installation :

Both the upper and guides swing open for easy installation and all adjustments can be carried out with a single 4mm hex wrench

MRP offers the SXg in sizes for 30-34t and 34-38t chainrings. The alloy version has a claimed weight of 149g while the carbon-backed version has a claimed weight of 106g.

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The alloy SXg retails for $170 / AU$279. The carbon version will set buyers back $225 / AU$329 (distributed by Steve Cramer Products). (UK pricing was not immediately available.)