The new Fall Line R is the world’s lightest dropper seatpost

9point8 pushes the boundaries of dropper weight

Canadian dropper seatpost manufacture 9point8 is releasing a dropper seatpost with a class-leading weight.


In its lightest configuration, the Fall Line R has a claimed weight of 335g for the seatpost. Add in another 50g or so for the cable, housing and remote and you still have an ultra-light dropper. This makes it the lightest production dropper seatpost to date.

According to the company, rather than relying on carbon, weight savings for this alloy seatpost were achieved by “rigorous engineering, careful attention to the architecture of the post, and precision machining.”

Two versions of the Fall Line R seatpost

The Fall line R in the 70mm and 125mm versions

While they share the same name, these really are two very different seatposts aimed at different types of riders.

The lightest version of the Fall Line R is offered in a 400mm length with 75mm of drop. Although this is a meager amount of drop by today’s standards — especially when you consider 9point8 is leading the charge toward longer-stroke droppers with 175 and 200mm of drop — this design is targeted at cross-country as well as cyclocross and gravel riders.

This 75mm travel version can be cut down as needed.

Weight savings for the 400x75mm version of the Fall Line R are achieved by cutting down the seatpost as needed

Fall Line R: 400x75mm version

The 9point8 Fall Line R has a claimed weight of just 386g in its lightest configuration

Claimed weights

  • Seatpost (30.9mm, uncut): 386g
  • Seatpost + remote, cable and housing: 436g
  • Seatpost (30.9mm, cut): 335g
  • Seatpost + remote, cable and housing: 385g

If you’re looking for a lightweight dropper but don’t want to sacrifice travel, the 375x125mm version is the route to go.

This longer stroke Fall Line R can’t be cut to size, but it has a much more usable 125mm of drop.

Compared to the standard Fall Line dropper, the Fall Line R is about 26g lighter.

Fall Line R: 375x125mm version

The longer-stroke Fall Line R sees slight weight savings over the standard Fall Line

Claimed weights

  • Seatpost: 390g
  • Seatpost + remote, cable and housing: 440g

Shared features

The Fall Line R uses the robust mechanical brake system 9point8 developed for the Fall Line seatpost to provide infinite adjustment within its range.

In keeping with the lightweight design, these posts use titanium fasteners and are compatible with 7mm round as well as ovalized carbon saddle rails.

Both versions are offered in 30.9 and 31.6mm versions. The Fall Line R is compatible with all of 9point8’s remotes, including the recently-released Digit lever.

Pricing and availability

The Fall Line R is expected to be available this fall.

Pricing is set at $489 for the cutable, 400x75mm version.

The longer stroke 375x125mm version will retail for $459.

(UK and Australian pricing has yet to be announced.)


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