The Nitto Sigma is your whackadoodle gravel-specific bar solution

Put a new slant on your levers

Japanese manufacturer Nitto makes some truly weird and wonderful products, but the Sigma bar still manages to stand out. Spotted on the Soma Fabrications facebook page, the Sigma features swept tops and perky upturned bullhorns that ‘flare in’ for maximum Sheldon Brown weirdness points.


These images come courtesy of Japanese exporter Interjet.

We’re assuming the bar’s name comes from the shape — the bar strongly resembles the Greek upper-case sigma in plan view.

The Sigma has more curves than a fatbike
It might not look so outlandish with TT-style brake levers, but full-on Shimano STI levers give the Sigma a wonderfully ‘parts bin special’ appearance — there’s a lot going on. We can imagine that the horns will give a very comfy and secure hand position, with easy braking that’s more akin to squeezing a mountain bike lever than operating a normal road setup. At the same time, swept tops are easy on the wrists when you’re just cruising along.

The bar is made from heat treated aluminium with a shiny silver anodised finish and it measures an impressive 46cm across (45cm at the bar ends). Reach is 110mm, and it weighs a claimed 280g. Pricing and availability is to be confirmed.

Ergonomic dream or aesthetic nightmare — you decide

Is the Sigma the answer to your gravel grinding needs? Is it morally wrong to mount STIs at this angle? Let us know your thoughts.