The ONO Archont Electro is like no e-bike you’ve ever seen

Cruiser style e-bike that's good for 50mph

Want the style of a Harley but don’t like the emissions or noise of the v-twin engine? This e-bike from Serbian firm ONO could be right up your street.


Let’s be fair about this, the Archont Electro is not a bike to take too seriously – we won’t be getting one in to test anytime soon, but it’s good to see that companies are still producing bikes that are… well, just a little bit mad.

The stainless steel frame and fork of the Archont mimic those of a cruiser motorcycle and, if you haven’t already, then it’s worth taking a look at its swoopy lines in our gallery above. In place of a regular fuel tank, the Archont Electro gets a carbon fibre box which contains the bike’s 72v battery. 

Despite having a whole load of air where you’d normally have an engine, it’s safe to say that the Archont Electro won’t be down on pace thanks to a motor mounted at the rear wheel which is rated at a colossal 7Kw. All that power translates into a claimed top speed of 50mph (80km/h), which should make things very exciting indeed.

Each ono is made to order, and regular pedal powered versions are also available: each ono is made to order, and regular pedal powered versions are also available

Zed’s dead, baby. Zed’s dead

There’s a 700c sized wheel at the fork and a smaller, 26″ wheel at the rear, both of which are paired to large diameter rims with perhaps the highest spoke count we’ve ever seen. Those hoops are wrapped in Schwalbe’s trusted and comfy Big Apple tyres, while further comfort arrives in the form of a sprung Brooks saddle. Stopping duties are handled by four piston hydraulic discs.

The Archont Electro is a serious heavyweight at 55kg (121lbs), and yet ONO still rate this bike with a range of 62 miles (99km). ONO also produces a significantly lighter (20kg/44lbs), pedal-powered version of the Archont.


Each ONO is made to order and the company doesn’t list any prices on its website but we’re willing to bet that they won’t come cheap.