The PlantLock

The answer to outdoor bike storage?

We stumbled across the PlantLock at the London Cycle Show and quickly realised that it was a real talking point, even more so than some of the high-end carbon bikes on display. Essentially it’s a metal planter with integrated heavy duty locking bars to accommodate two bikes. The aim is to provide a green space outside your house or workplace which also allows you to keep your bike secure.


If someone is determined enough to steal a locked up bike then nothing is going to stop them. But the PlantLock makes it difficult, partly through its weight when planted up – over 75kg – while it can also be permanently fixed to the ground with heavy duty screws. The locking bars are made from boron steel, so when used with a good quality bike lock the combination should deter most thieves.

And while we can’t imagine people locking their most prized cycling possessions to this innovative new product, it does look like an ideal place to store the kids/hack/commuter bike, ideally when positioned in shelter from the worst of the elements.


The PlantLock doesn’t come cheap at £155.10 including compost but it might make more sense if it doubles as, say, a herb garden (that’d be the thyme, rosemary and basil rather than the silent ‘h’ variety, you understand). We’ll get one of these in for review soon.