The SK-eRIDE is Scott’s curiously appealing winter approach bike

An e-bike concept like no other

If you thought swapping out your wheels for skis would help you escape the e-bike revolution, think again.


While the Scott SK-eRIDE concept might seem ridiculous at first, it’s actually a pretty neat solution for the regular backcountry skier who doesn’t want to rely on a car or public transport to get around with all their equipment.

Scott wanted to avoid too many buckles and straps, to save cold fingers the hard work

The SK-eRIDE is Scott’s vision of a winter approach bike, there to help you ski-tour and explore your snowy surroundings while helping you to conserve your energy for when you really need it.

The bike’s kitted out to carry all of your equipment — skis, boots and moka pots galore — while keeping it secure and stabilised with the pedal-assisted Axis EVO making light work of the load bearing. It even features a CrossCall Trekker-X4 phone and SONdelux 12-disc dynamo hub.

There are binding clamps on the front rack for Scott’s own Superguide boots

If ski-touring is your bag, then maybe the Scott SK-eRIDE is just the thing you need to reach the areas that a car can’t reach.

Scott SK-eRIDE specifications

Why get a ski lift when you can get a SK-eRIDE?
  • Frame: Axis EVO Alloy Frame
  • Suspension: TwinLoc Suspension System
  • Front suspension: SR Suntour XCR34 Air 120mm fork
  • Rear suspension: SCOTT 3 modes, 120-85-0mm shock
  • Drive unit: Shimano E8000, 500Wh battery, power output of 70Nm and 250W, 25km/h maximum speed assist
  • Accessories and parts: Syncros
  • Light: Supernova M99 mini
  • Rack: Racktime carrier
  • Hub: SONdelux 12 disc – dynamo hub – 6 Volt / 3 Watts
  • Dynamo USB: Cinq5 Plug III
  • Winter protection: Revelate Design
  • Front carrier: Thule
  • Bags: Revelate Design
  • Phone: CrossCall Trekker-X4
Beneath all the storage lies the Scott Axis Evo alloy frame