The Sufferfest announces Training Center app for Mac and iOS

New app to access training videos and give rider feedback

The Sufferfest has announced a new app for Mac computers as well as iOS devices, with Android and Windows versions soon to follow.


You’ll need a subscription based account, but the app allows access to The Sufferfest’s entire catalogue of training videos featuring footage UCI WorldTour races, including a few app-only exclusives as well as instant access to new releases.

Within the app the videos can be sorted by type, profile, Training Stress Score and Intensity Factor and once a workout has been selected, the video can either be streamed or downloaded.

Targets for power, heartrate and cadence are set based on your FTP or LTHR and tracked in real time

In similar fashion to TrainerRoad, based on your functional threshold power (FTP)  or lactate threshold heart-rate (LTHR) the app will set specific targets for cadence, heart rate, and real or virtual power, tracked in real time. 

The intensity of the workout can be increased or lowered based on current fitness and fatigue. The app is both ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible, and if you haven’t got a power meter or smart trainer, it can calculate virtual power with a speed and cadence sensor.

Once you’ve completed a workout, the data can be exported to Strava or Training Peaks or can be analyzed within The Sufferfest app itself.


A subscription to the new the Sufferfest App will cost you US$10 per month for unlimited access, though at lunch there is a seven day free trial, and is available through the Apple App Store and The Sufferfest’s website.