The Tacx NEO Smart Bike is a true all-in-one plug-and-play trainer

A closer look at uniquely featured trainer

This article was produced in partnership with Tacx


Tacx launched its all-in-one NEO Smart Bike trainer earlier this year and here, we take a look at this uniquely featured training product for dedicated athletes.

Tacx NEO Smart Bike key specs

  • 2,200 watts/25% maximum resistance
  • Left/right pedal stroke analysis
  • Most accurate power information of any smart trainer
  • Quietest smart trainer on the market
  • ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible
  • Mains or self-powered operation
  • €2,599 / $3,199 / £2,299

The quietest training device on the market

The NEO Smart Bike’s key feature is its silent function — the internal design and the super fast chipset used to control the resistance motor makes the bike the quietest indoor trainer on the market, quieter even than the NEO 2 smart trainer.

A true plug-and-play trainer

The bike features an integrated 4.5” screen. This can display basic performance data alongside your current virtual gear. The bike also has an integrated phone and tablet holder so you can run your own training applications such as Zwift with the minimum of fuss.

Like the NEO smart trainer, the bike can also be used with or without a mains power connection and features transportation rollers on the back of the device.

The design of the device also means that calibration or maintenance is never required — the NEO Smart Bike truly is as close to a plug-and-play device as is possible.

Extensive fit options

The fit of the bike can be extensively altered
The fit of the bike can be extensively altered

Like a normal bike, the fit of the Tacx NEO Smart Bike can be extensively altered, including handlebar width, saddle height and even crank length. The geometry of the bike is based on a regular road or tri back and this includes the Q-factor, so you should be able to readily replicate the fit of your own bike.

A dependable training partner

The Tacx NEO Smart Bike has the most accurate power information of any smart trainer on the market, with power data accurate within a range of 1%.

The new Tacx NEO Smart Bike also features pedal stroke analysis. Not only is this a useful training device but can also be used to help determine optimum cleat position.

As is expected of any modern trainer, the bike is compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth connections.

The front of the back features two smart fans
The front of the back features two smart fans

The bike also features two integrated smart fans on the handlebars that can automatically adjust airflow based on speed, power or heart rate. The fan can also be set be at a constant speed.

The bike is controlled via buttons attached to the shifters and can be used to alter slope, power targets, resistance levels or if used in conjunction with training software such as Zwift or Tacx, control in-game options.

Like the Tacx NEO turbo trainer, the NEO Smart Bike also includes the Dutch brand’s unique Road Feel technology, which can add vibrating feedback to the ride for a more realistic indoor riding experience.

Likewise, it also includes descent simulation, which powers motor when descending in-game, again, for a more realistic ride feel. These technologies are currently compatible with Tacx Software, Zwift and Trainer Roads.


If you’re a serious cyclist looking for the best indoor training tool possible, you are unlikely to be disappointed by the Tacx NEO Bike Smart.