The Toddlebike: for parents who can’t wait to get their children into riding

Simple, inexpensive design for children as young as one

If you’re keen to get your young one riding as soon as possible then this one could well be one for you. The Toddlebike is a lightweight, simple and inexpensive kid’s bike that’s been designed to get children as young as one into riding.


Bridging the gap between sit-on baby toys and pre-schooler friendly balance bikes, the £23.95 plastic Toddlebike is ready to ride for any child that’s able to stand. In truth, the Toddlebike isn’t actually a bike. Look closely and you’ll notice four wheels – albeit ones that are closely spaced together in pairs on common axles.

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This quad bike format gives added stability over a regular two wheeled bike, but it’s still fairly easy for a child to tip the bike over, thus providing a gentle introduction to the cruelly related worlds of balancing and crashing.

The toddlebike 2 is a fun looking little thing:
The Toddlebike 2 appears to us to be a clear improvement over the first generation product

This Toddlebike is actually version 2, the first of which we covered here at BikeRadar back in 2011. Improvements to the new design include slicker tyres for quieter indoor use, a more centralised seating position, and a seat height closer to that of the front triangle – the young lads out there will be particularly grateful of this. 

The frame, which is available in blue and pink as well as this ‘racing red’ finish, is also a new design over the original bike, and features an integrated steering stop. Weight is critical with kids’ bikes, and this is where the Toddlebikes near entire plastic construction comes into its own, the Toddlebike is by far the lightest model to tip the BikeRadar scales: we weighed it in at just 890g/1.96lb. The whole thing feels fairly sturdy and the plastics used are bendy rather than brittle. Another advantage to all that plastic is that the Toddlebike will shrug off water and mud, so it should be easy to clean off following an off-road venture.


We’ve already found a young recruit to take the Toddlebike 2 on. We’ll let you know how they get along.

At 890g the Toddlebike weighs less than some mountain bike tyres