The ultimate caffeine-fuelled ride

Bianchi and Starbucks collaborate for flagship Italian store

We all know that caffeine is an essential part of the cycling experience, pre-ride or post-ride. But, if you want to wave your coffee-loving flag particularly proudly, Bianchi has just the bike for your espresso-addicted needs.


This special-edition Bianchi bike has been created in collaboration with Starbucks to celebrate the opening of the first flagship Starbucks store in Milan, Italy. 

So far, Starbucks has steered clear of entering the Italian market (we imagine the country’s exacting coffee tastes made it a difficult step to take), up until now that is.

A simple design in coffee-loving colours

With its flagship store, the Starbucks Reserve Roastery boasts a floor space of 2000 square metres, and is located in the opulent and historic Palazzo delle Poste.

 It will cater to all coffee predilections and features more than 100 beverages along with a selection of food.

The store will showcase exclusive products, all commissioned in collaboration with Italian designers and brands to celebrate Italian talent and creativity.

The all-road design will let your coffee-addled mind take you wherever you want to go

The Bianchi edition features a paint job in the Starbucks Reserve Roastery colours. 

Suited to all-road pursuits, once the coffee-jitters wear off you’ll be able to go exploring wherever your heart desires.


The bike is available exclusively in store, so if you want to broadcast your hot-beverage love, head over to Milan for the ultimate coffee to go.