The Williamson Wheelman costs more than a new car

$35,000 snakeskin covered bike to be made in Detroit

Do you have $35,000 burning a hole in your pocket? Do you own the Springfield Nuclear Plant or is your name Scrooge McDuck? Then we have the bike for you!


Michigan-based Williamson Goods, a brand known for producing $6,250 footballs, is offering 30 of its limited edition Wheelman bikes for sale which will be handmade to order in Detroit.

We’ve seen a few other outlandish high-priced bikes in the past including two Lamborghini Edition BMC Impecs, an Aston Martin edition Factor and even a gold-plated Giant Defy5, but this is the first to feature quite so much animal skin — definitely not a vegetarian friendly ride.

The frame itself will be made from Columbus Chromoly tubing, which is then plated in either chrome or copper, along with the bars, stem, fork, seatpost, lights and racks.

Yes that is real snakeskin next to a bike chain

If a copper or chrome plated steed isn’t fancy enough for you, the frame is then hand wrapped in real Python skin, leaving a few of the lugs and some of the frame exposed. Taking it a step further the grips and modified Brooks saddle are finished in crocodile skin.

You also get some pretty schmick, retro-integrated front and rear lights, an ‘Adult Beverage Canister’ (chrome or copper) and a black leather saddle bag.

One of the included accessories is an Adult Beverage Canister

The bars, stem and seatpost are provided by Nitto and are plated to match the rest of the bike of course, and the bike is finished with Velo Orange’s Hammered fenders.

While the bike initially appears to be a singlespeed, the rear wheel is actually a Sturmey Archer 5-speed hub driven by a Paul Components crank.

Williamson Goods has taken an already fancy Brooks saddle and made it Scrooge McDuck fancy

The Williamson Goods Wheelman is available in three sizes and three colourways: Navy/Chrome, Navy/Copper or Tan/Copper, and 10 of each colour will be numbered and made to order.

As you would probably expect for a bike that costs more than a Toyota Tacoma (or a Hilux if you’re in Australia or the UK), the brand says it will build custom sizes and colours upon request.


But, if you could purchase this bike would you actually ride it?