The world’s best blender?

See the fruits of your labour

A smoothie can be the perfect post ride snack, but how about making the perfect smoothie during a ride? 


Available to hire for events across the UK, these smoothie bikes from London firm Love Smoothie Bike take away the monotony of a regular exercise bike with an interactive arcade game that’s placed before the rider. The best bit? The by-product of your physical effort arriving in the form of a freshly blended fruit smoothie.

The game pitches a chosen character on a hilly course which a rider must navigate using changes to their cadence, the closer they can get to matching the course the closer they’ll get to what the company calls ‘the perfect smoothie’.

Sourced from the USA, these bikes aren’t subject to a conversion – they’re purpose built for their fruit mashing role.


Not only do we badly want a go, but its really got us thinking about all of those wasted watts in gyms everywhere across the country.