These are the lightest road brakes in the world

Lekki8 road brakes weigh in at 134g for the pair!

We’ve just received what are claimed to be lightest road brakes in the world.


Our samples of the Ciamillo Lekki8 weigh in at a frankly ridiculous 134g with pad holders (but no pads) and will take pride of place on Reuben’s hill climb bike.

The Lekki8 has been created by Ted Ciamillo, who has a long history of working on lightweight brakes.

The brakes are constructed from a mix of carbon fibre, titanium and aluminium alloy
Benedict Pfender
Constructed from a mix of titanium, 7075 aluminium and carbon fibre, the Lekki8 brakes are claimed to be the lightest road caliper currently available.

Despite this, they provide sufficient clearance for up to 32c tyres on 28mm wide rims.

Without pads, our sample weighs 134g for the pair
Benedict Pfender
Unlike some other super-light designs, it’s nice to see that the brakes don’t sacrifice practical features for everyday use.

A quick release allows them to be opened to remove wheels and a cam system lets you quickly adjust the brake to your rim width.

The brakes are designed to be compatible with Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM levers, with pad-holders for Shimano or Campagnolo pads available.

They are only available as a regular mount (rather than direct mount), though the latter option is apparently being considered for future incarnations.

Setup on such lightweight systems can be a bit finicky, so we’ll be interested to see how we get on installing them on Reuben’s Reilly hill climb bike.

He’ll be using them for the first time this weekend at the National Hill Climb Championships, so stay tuned for an update on how he found them.

The brakes are currently only available in a standard mount
Benedict Pfender

Lekki8 brakes retail for $589 and are available directly through Lekki8 in Europe and through Irish Cycles in the US and Australia.

For more details visit Lekki8.


Note: It has come to our attention that there have been some issues with the fulfilment of Ciamillo products in the past. You can learn more about this and what has been done to rectify the situation on the Ciamillo website.