These are the tallest head tubes we’ve ever seen

Clydesdale designs bikes specifically for big, tall riders

It can be a challenge for some cyclists out there to find a bike that actually fits them. Clydesdale Bicycles promises to change that with a range of bikes aimed specifically at big, tall (or both) riders.


Founded by the legendary Lennard Zinn and Nick Wigston in 2017, the company aims to create bikes that can handle the rigours and requirements of those riders that may not fit the bike industry’s idea of ‘standard’ when it comes to bicycle design and tolerances.

Made to size

Creating such a bike requires a different design approach, because just scaling things usually results in a bike that doesn’t handle as intended.

Whether it’s excessive flex in the longer tubes, a fit which isn’t quite right, or increased weight to reinforce the frame, it can be better to design and build a bike specifically to make it fit for purpose.

Titanium should make for a very durable frame
Clydesdale Bicycles

Clydesdale has decided to build its frames using titanium, which creates a durable and strong frame that could last a lifetime. Ranging in size from L–4XL, the frame is rated to a rider weight of 204kg and suitable for heights of between 177cm and 220cm.

The frames are disc brake specific, with the improved stopping power apparently preferred by heavier riders.

The Enve Gravel Road carbon fork has an extra long steerer tube to get the bars up to the right height and has a removable mudguard. That leaves the bike with clearances for 35mm tyres with mudguards and 40mm without. Additional rack mounts also feature on the frame.

The head tube is enormous, but that’s to get you in the right position
Clydesdale Bicycles

Wheels are a crucial component for long-term durability. Those used here are built up with Clydesdale’s own 36-hole hubs, which are rated for a 204kg rider, and are laced to Velocity Dyad rims.

The bikes are fitted with an extra-long Andel 200/210mm crankset to improve pedalling dynamics for longer legs. That does require a higher bottom bracket height than you might be used to seeing.

Extra long cranks should help improve pedalling motion
Clydesdale Bicycles

Two models, up to 4XL

Despite the large sizes and weight ratings, the complete builds are not excessively weighty. They weigh between a claimed 10.43kg for a Size L to 11.34kg for a Size 4XL, which seems competitive considering the overall dimensions of the bikes.

Clydesdale currently offers two models: the DRAFT and TEAM.

The DRAFT costs $4,450 and is fitted with a Shimano 105 groupset with hydraulic discs. It is described as an all-road/gravel bike suited to long road and gravel rides.

The DRAFT is fitted with a 105 drivetrain
Clydesdale Bicycles

The TEAM retails for $5,950 and is fitted with a Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupset. It is described as the performance bike in the range, though we are unclear how the geometry between the two models differs.

The TEAM model is fitted with an Ultegra Di2 drivetrain
Clydesdale Bicycles


Clydesdale promises that it is aiming to expand its lineup to include a full range of bikes for different disciplines, all specifically tailored for the big and tall riders out there.


Clydesdale is based in the US but offers worldwide shipping. For more details and to get in touch, you can visit the Clydesdale Bicycles website here.