These Colnago-branded Adidas trainers are one for the ultra-fans

UK retailer Size? launches limited run of retro-inspired trainers

Adidas and UK high-street retailer, Size?, have teamed up to offer a limited run of trainers inspired by legendary Italian bike manufacturer, Colnago.


The shoes include all sorts of novel nods towards Colnago’s heritage.

The Trimm Star features a recycled rubber sole
Colnago / Adidas

A particular highlight is the sole of the Trimm Star — a lightweight track-training-style shoe — which is made from recycled rubber that is intended to imitate the look of a tan wall tyre.

The marshmallow-like shoe shoes off a carbon effect on the sole
Colnago / Adidas

The other shoe, the Kamanda, has an altogether different and far more modern — and rather divisive — design that is said to be “inspired by football fans’ favourite styles of the 80’s”.

The marshmallow-like sole of the Kamanda is translucent and shows off a carbon-like effect beneath that is said to reflect the chosen construction method of Colnago’s modern bikes.

The shoes will be available exclusively via the Size? app and in all Size? stores from the 29th of December onwards. The Trimm Star’s will come in at £90 and the Kamanda at £120.

Does Adidas make cycling shoes?

Hiding in plain sight?
Colnago / Adidas

For now, no. But looking closely at some of the photos supplied in the press pack, it looks as though there might be some road shoes graced with the brand’s signature three stripes in the works. We expect to hear more about these in the new year.

However, if you want to go full-pedant, technically speaking, Adidas already makes cycling shoes as it owns MTB-favourite Five Ten.


What do you think? Are these fresh daps a daft gimmick or a soon-to-be-collectible gem that will one day the command a heady price similar to that of other limited-run creps? As always, leave your thoughts in the comments.