These new bars claim to make any road bike faster

3DD Transitions handlebar is an old, new aero solution

Drop handlebars with odd flares and shapes aren’t anything new. In fact, with gravel and bikepacking gaining speed, outwardly flared bars are more commonplace. But what about aerodynamics and speed? 3DD’s Transition road bars hook inwards to decrease drag. Making any bike faster, the Colorado-based company claims. 

On left is the 3DD Transition bar compared to a standard road drop bar
Russell Eich / Immediate Media

3DD Transition highlights

  • 7075 aluminum
  • 42cm width at the top / 33cm at the drops (c to c)
  • 80mm reach
  • 146mm drop
  • 250 grams (claimed)
  • 31.8mm clamp

The speed claims

Cruising the halls at Interbike is a near constant bombardment of shiny, flashy signs and products, but tucked stoically off to the side was a simple table with a couple oddly shaped road bars on it. 

3DD stands for 3-dimensional drops and the company makes some lofty claims regarding the aerodynamics of its bars, saying they make any road bike faster.

42cm is the only width as of now. Width at the lower part is mere 33cm
Russell Eich / Immediate Media

In addition to offering a reported ‘time trial-like’ body position, the company states the bars allow a rider to “get more streamlined than with most track bars for superior aerodynamics.”

One claim that is easier to swallow is that the bars are safer than standard out front aerobars, since grabbing the brakes is a short handslide up to the brake levers.

While we haven’t ridden the new narrow bars, one does have to wonder how riding with your hands brought together affects the bike’s handling, and what it might do to riders without a strong core and shoulders. The fact that the tops are uncluttered is a huge benefit, however. 


3DD Transition handlebars pricing and availability 

Want to gain some aero advantage? The bars will retail for $99, (UK£ and AU$ TBD). Availability wasn’t set as of publishing.