Thigh warmers are now a thing

Pactimo launches a unique fleecy accessory

As a cyclist, you’re familiar with arm warmers, knee warmers and leg warmers. You likely own and use all of these. But thigh warmers? This recently launched product from Pactimo is a new one for of us.


It sounds like the Storm + Thigh Warmer covers just the quads — not the knees. But why, you ask?

“To protect your largest muscle group used in cycling without inhibiting mobility in a race scenario,” said Pactimo brand evangelist Josh Cook. “There is a reason you rarely see knee and leg warmers on the legs of pro cyclists during a race. They don’t want the bunching and potential hinderance they provide.”

Talk about a ‘tweener product — the Thigh Warmer is for conditions when it’s too cold for bare legs but not cold enough to warrant knee or leg warmers
Russell Eich / Immediate Media

Rapha also has a Pro Team Thigh Warmer.

Aside from that, the only remotely similar product I’ve seen is Castelli’s Omloop Thermal Bib Shorts, which come down to the top of the knee cap, but not below the knee like traditional knickers.

I’ve worn the Omloop bibs a few times and they are comfortable but a little weird. I feel like if it’s cold enough to warrant such long thermal coverage, you might as well cover your knees too, if not the full legs. I can appreciate that pros have different needs for racing, though.

Castelli’s Omloop Thermal Bib Shorts have a similar concept but in a single piece
Russell Eich / Immediate Media

As for the Pactimo Storm + Thigh Warmers, I’ll give them a shot and report back in a review soon.

The Omloops aren’t quite knickers, but instead come to the midpoint of the knee
Russell Eich / Immediate Media